Trace the lines. Splash your colour.

Trace the lines. Splash your colour.

This serie of images is a symbol of our society, where we all follow more or less the same line. And constantly having the powerless feeling, by searching for something, that is not giving any response.

It balances between the encounter of fear and the natural selection. 

The series emphasises the imperfection, but at the same time provides a stable line and colour work, which make the overall feeling a bit more consistent. The lines symbolize the fusion of futurism and humanity. It invites you to look differently at our society. The text is untraceable. Only the lines can be followed.


Photographer: Florian Cats

Art Director : Eva Karen

Muah: Anita Talman

Model: Noëlle Marie @ Tutti Models

Published in Prolific Quarterly January, 2018

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