The man with magic

An ancient wisdom and superstition in Macedonia is when you put a nail under your pillow just before bedtime. This brings good luck in someone’s life. I met a man who makes these nails. Without any teeth in his mouth, I wondered how he let these nails cool. He did this by putting the glowing nail in his mouth.

I drove along the lake to the border crossing at St. Naum. After about half an hour of waiting, all the formalities have been completed and my passport has gained another stamp. As I drove further on Albanian territory, the contrast with Macedonia immediately stands out. 

Although the road is just asphalted, it is full of holes and potholes. Everywhere you see bunkers who had to protect the country during the regime of the cruel dictator Enver Hoxha against a possible invasion. Albania suffered from this communist dictatorship for many years until 1991, and traces of this are still clearly visible. Throughout Albania, hundreds of thousands of bunkers disfigure the landscape.

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