Your emotions beautifully captured in an image. You were what you call a real kee. Aesthetically pleasing sculpture
and now forever gone.. By hands that do not want that anymore, you report it
soft and with a lot of regret. Words that become more and more silent. It’s the rapid progress of the current time.

Expression of love

If nature had not developed a strong and invisible foundation, it could not keep its life, the same principle applies to humanity.

People who devote themselves to making dreams and goals worthwhile, opposing and challenging, also grow a strong internal base to achieve success. 

This while so many rich people are usually unable to maintain sudden wealth. A wish in any direction can only be expressed if one knows the patience and therefore.. accept your fears and merge them with your dreams.

Published print editorial in iMirage Magazine #77 – October 2017

Skoft & Skiep

Skoft & Skiep is a young Northern collective, consisting of theater makers Karel Hermans, Aukje Schaafsma and Tatiana Pratley. In 2014, she teamed up Never Walk alone as Sneak Preview at Tryater.
A festive presentation of group feelings, in which 100 Leeuwarders participated, and with which they developed their own methodology that they work in Work work work work continue to work out.
Skoft & Skiep studies the world as an amateur anthropologist and makes performances with a documentary and visual character. The research process and the people they encounter during the preliminary research play a major role in the final performance.

Commissioned for Tryater

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