Skoft & Skiep

Skoft & Skiep is a young Northern collective, consisting of theater makers Karel Hermans, Aukje Schaafsma and Tatiana Pratley. In 2014, she teamed up Never Walk alone as Sneak Preview at Tryater.
A festive presentation of group feelings, in which 100 Leeuwarders participated, and with which they developed their own methodology that they work in Work work work work continue to work out.
Skoft & Skiep studies the world as an amateur anthropologist and makes performances with a documentary and visual character. The research process and the people they encounter during the preliminary research play a major role in the final performance.

Commissioned for Tryater

You can’t fool me

A sense of despair and happiness.Drolling in the nights looking for love.Looking in my eyes and saying without words

The smoke from my heart, extinguished by a touch.

Crying to be careful with my heart. Whispering in my ear, a sense of calm.. Close my eyes, get that eyelash from my face. Take me to the deep of the black shim. Return my lost soul back to my shadow

Tell me, promise you love my lost soul. My lost soul, which will always be lost .


models Francina & Michel @ Tutti Models

A smile

A smile dries the tears of which there are so many cases. Expression of feelings, hidden from the deepest inside.Learning daily again, enjoy the beautiful things even if they are so small.


photographer Florian Cats
assistant photographer Erik-jan Koopmans
make-up artist Wendy Woudstra
model Rosita @Innocence Model Agency

Fashion stylist & collection: from designer Pleun Pijnenburg

Published print editorial in BeautyMute Magazine #33 – 201

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