Florian Cats 

Florian is an emerging talent in fashion & fine-art photography and is mentored by Nick Knight in the Mastered program. 

Collaborating with international model agencies, fashion designers and various creative teams around the globe; he has many publications in a wide range of magazines. 

During media studies at University, Florian found his own way to transform ideas into imagery. His work is on display at various exhibitions throughout Europe. 

Taking inspiration from nature and observing the minorities in our societies, Florian tells his distinctive stories. Through his work the viewer is challenged to change their perspective of the world. The resistance of nature and the shortcomings in society are recurring themes.

“Sometimes it is the imperfection we show, which touches the human mind.” — 2014


2018 Photofestival Fryslân 2018 

2018 International ART Festival group exhibition - Porto, Portugal

2017 Gallerie Borgo II - EGOS XIV - Rome, Italy 

2017 Oud Sint Jan Museum, Mozart Hall - Brugge, Belgium

2017 I AM BEAUTIFUL 100 jaar RODIN - Groningen, the Netherlands

2017 Group Exhibition MartiniPlaza - Groningen, the Netherlands

2016 Kunstroute Paradepaadje - Friesland, the Netherlands

2016 Exhibition Light - Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands

2016 Group Exhibition Aardappel - Groningen, the Netherlands

2015 David Bowie Lesque - Groningen, the Netherlands

2015 Art Promotional International - Groningen, the Netherlands 

2014 Kunstroute Paradepaadje - Friesland, the Netherlands

2014 Group Exhibition Stadhuis Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

2013 Art exhibition Blokhuispoort - Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

2012 Solo Exhibition NHL, the Netherlands

Clients & Publications

VVA Bags UK, Claus Media, CAJ Hairstyling NYC, Blue Billywig, Maree London, Tryater, WIL Magazine, Posh Affairs Atelier, VIG, LF2018, Club Guy & Roni, LUCY’s Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Prolific Magazine, Solis Magazine,  Elite Amsterdam, Promo NYC Magazine, iMirage Magazine, BeautyMute, RTL Productions, Talia Models, Innocence Model Management, Esee Models Shanghai 

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